Vote Tom Arpke on August 2nd!

Four years ago, I was privileged to be elected to the Kansas Senate, and I have worked hard since then to shake up Topeka. Many of my colleagues wanted to dramatically increase our state budget and expand our spending, but I fought for fiscal responsibility and to balance our spending with our revenues. It’s just good common sense to run government as well and as efficiently as we can, while never losing sight of the fact that every dollar comes from the pocket of a hard-working Kansan.

This summer, these values have led me to continue to fight for you in our Kansas Senate. During these last six years in the capital, I have watched as congress repeatedly tried to increase spending and raise taxes, while my colleagues and I have been working hard to balance our state’s budget. If we are to get our state in order, we must have both the House and the Senate working together to lower taxes, balance the budget, and pave the way for new jobs to be created in the private sector.

We need to continue to have a strong advocate in the Senate who will work for our values and listen to our concerns. We all understand how desperately our state needs jobs. Our neighboring states understand this, and they are passing legislation that reduces the tax burden, allows the businesses to grow and create new jobs, and alleviates overbearing regulations. This is the focus that I have maintained on the Salina City Commission, in the Kansas House, and I in the Kansas Senate.

Most of all, I am committed to you, my friends and neighbors in the 24th Senate District. I am excited for the opportunity in these coming months to meet with you, to knock on your door, to hear your concerns, and listen to your needs as a Kansas voter.

This is a crucial time for our state; we can go in a new direction, working to throw open the doors of Kansas for businesses to grow and new jobs to be created, for taxes to be lowered while still providing for the very important functions of government such as public safety and education – or we can resign ourselves to “more of the same” with a liberal state senate that works to take more and more of our hard-earned dollars for reckless government spending. I know that we must take a new path.  I know that together, we can move our state in the right direction.