Endorsed by the National Rifle Association of America




July 12, 2012
The Honorable Tom Arpke

Dear Representative Arpke,
On behalf of our National Rifle Association members in Kansas, I am pleased to inform you of your full endorsement by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) for Kansas state Senate. Throughout the country, few leaders have demonstrated such a commitment and enthusiasm to defend the United States Constitution, in particular the Second Amendment. Your “A” rating and endorsement reflect your tireless efforts to expand firearm freedoms throughout your tenure as state Representative. You are a true defender of freedom and please be assured of the NRA’s 100% support of your election campaign.
The NRA and I wish you the very best of luck with your campaign!


Brent Wm. Gardner
Kansas State Liaison
NRA-ILA, State and Local Affairs

Kansans for Live endorses Tom Arpke

Political Action Committee

Endorsement of a candidate (by Kansans for Life) is a fairly thorough and rigorous process.  The KFL PAC committee evaluates candidates based on a number of criteria including:  candidate questionnaire, incumbency, voting record, voter demographics, candidate background and temperament.

Endorsements for 2012 PRIMARY Elections

Kansas Senate     District 24    Republican party     Tom Arpke

The Kansas Chamber endorses Tom Arpke

The Kansas Chamber announced who it would endorse and their endorsements are for  “pro-business candidates in the 2012 primary elections”.  Tom Arpke is on the list and is a pro-business candidate.

Endorsed by National Federation of Independent Business

Tom Arpke is rated at 100% for supporting small business in Kansas by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). He passed legislation that will help small businesses to grow.

Endorsed by the Kansas State Rifle Association

Kansas State Rifle Assn PAC
P.O. Box 219
Bonner Springs, Kansas 66012-0219
(913) 608-1910



July 13, 2012
Representative Tom Arpke
Dear Representative Arpke:
It is with great pleasure that the Kansas State Rifle Association Political Action Committee endorse you in the Primary Election for election to the Kansas Senate for District 24.
Our endorsement is based on the fact that you have consistently demonstrated a sincere and unwavering support for the most fundamental meaning of the Second Amendment. Your voting record reflects a long history of working towards protecting the Second Amendment rights of Kansans. Your commitment to protecting the Second Amendment and firearms rights is also expressed through the answers on your NRA candidate questionnaire, for which you earned an A rating. The KSRA completely concurs with this rating and you have our support.  Your respect and appreciation of the Constitutional Rule of Law reflects the most foundational values and principles that are greatly needed in this most turbulent time in American history. Thank you for being a strong leader and truly serving the people of Kansas responsibly. We know that you will continue to
demonstrate your proven commitment to defend our Second Amendment rights.
The KSRA PAC is urging all KSRA members and law-abiding gun owners to support your candidacy and vote for you on August 7th. On behalf of our membership, thank you for your willingness to serve and desire to support Kansas gun owners, hunters and shooters.
Good luck with your campaign and we wish you success in the Primary Election.

Best Regards,

Patricia A. Stoneking
PAC Chairperson

Tom Arpke is the best choice for Kansas and Republicans agrees.

Look at what Governor says, “Tom Arpke has been a valuable partner in helping to grow our economy, ensuring our children get a top quality education, reforming our state government, and striving to protect Kansas families. He is a strong leader for Kansas.”  Check out this video of the Governor talking about how good Tom Arpke is for Kansas

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