Kansas Issues

I am seeking public office because:

I have always held the beliefs that smaller government is better and a frugal fiscal policy is the direction that Kansas needs to head. I favor lowering the tax burden on Kansas families and businesses. I have consistently supported measures to decrease the cost of living and doing business in Kansas. We must reform our property tax system to limit stealth tax increases created by reappraisals. We should also provide greater tax relief to families with children, and follow through on the elimination of the estate tax. Our tax code must encourage wealth creation; elimination of taxes on business investment in machinery equipment, as well as doing away with the franchise tax are necessary first steps to make Kansas competitive with surrounding states. I also support the Taxpayer Protection Act, which would make it more difficult to raise taxes on Kansans.

My wife, Beth and I have five children and ten grandchildren and feel that family values and respect for life are core elements that need to be supported in all legislative activities.

My vision of a better Kansas did not start in the halls of the capitol or with the input of special interest lobbyists and the politically well connected. It began with frank discussions with ordinary Kansans. I am seeking practical solutions to many of today’s challenges.

Republicans have long believed that the best and most effective government is the government closest to the people. I have participated in this process of getting back to the people, to listen to their thoughts, discover their dreams, and renew within them a sense of hope in the legislative process.

I have been previously endorsed by the Kansas Republican Assembly, Kansans’ for Life, The Kansas Chamber, National Federation for Independent Business,and National Rifle Association.

Please vote for TOM ARPKE ON August 2nd!

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